Jeanne Jones

Jeanne is an internationally respected food consultant, specializing in recipe, menu and product development, and she is the author of more than 30 cookbooks. Known as the “Dear Abby” of the food world, she writes “Cook It Light,” a syndicated column for King Features that reaches approximately 30 million readers in nearly 100 newspapers each week.

As the acknowledged pioneer in spa cuisine, she has created menus for Canyon Ranch Fitness Resorts, Four Seasons Hotels and Windstar Cruises. Jeanne is a frequent speaker on food and lifestyle topics for audiences ranging from chefs to physicians.

Born in Los Angeles and reared in Newport Beach, Calif., she finds sunlight and sea air important ingredients to her healthy lifestyle. Jeanne first gained international recognition in the early 1970s when she expanded the diabetic exchange list to include every known food. Between 1976 and 1986, she served on nutrition panels for the International Diabetes Federation congresses in New Delhi, India; Dubrovnik, Croatia; Nairobi, Kenya; and Madrid, Spain.

Her popular books are medically acclaimed, and many have won international awards.

Jeanne’s work has brought her recognition from the American Heart Association and the National Institutes of Health.

The continuing focus of her work is to improve the quality of life by combining nutrition with gastronomy. She says readers who follow her advice can get stronger, smarter and slimmer without dieting, counting calories or feeling deprived.

Jeanne’s secret for the past 20 years has been to teach healthy eating through visualization. Her philosophy is to avoid standard American cuisine, which is high in fat, calories, cholesterol and sodium. The key to good eating is good cooking, she says, and those who read “Cook It Light” learn to work with quality ingredients.