Jacqueline Bigar

Since 1958 Jacqueline Bigar has read the stars for a deeper understanding of life, love and happiness. A syndicated astrologer, her predictions have been read, seen and heard by millions of people across the globe via the Internet, television, radio, telephone and, of course, her daily newspaper column, “Jacqueline Bigar’s Stars.”

Bigar’s newspaper column originated in thePhiladelphia Inquirer and is syndicated internationally by King Features Syndicate. Her newspaper clients include The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer, The Denver Post, The Kansas City Star, Los Angeles Daily News and The (San Francisco) Examiner. She writes daily astrology tips and conducts many online chat events.

She is the author of “Women and Their Moon Signs” (Avon, August 1998). Bigar began her formal astrology training in 1975 under the guidance of Jeanette Oswald in the United States.

After successfully predicting the length of a Philadelphia newspaper strike in 1977, she was hired by The Philadelphia Daily News to write her first column, “Love and the Stars.” In 1982, she began writing her daily “Jacqueline Bigar’s Stars” column for the Daily News. In 1988, her column moved to the Daily News‘ sister newspaper, The Philadelphia Inquirer.

In 1991, King Features began syndicating Bigar’s column, marking the beginning of her national career. She was immediately successful in the Western United States, and since then has become one of the nation’s most read daily astrologers. Increasing her international presence, Bigar became Prodigy’s resident astrology columnist in 1995. She moderated and helped to develop the Internet’s first Astrology and New Age Community for Prodigy.com. Some of the content Bigar currently writes that can be found on her website, www.jacquelinebigar.com, includes “Love and the Stars,” “The Month Ahead” and “The Year Ahead.”

Bigar has taught astrology at Temple University and is a member of the United States National Counsel for Geocosmic Research. She received a Bachelor of Arts in comparative literature from Scripps College in 1969 and has done postgraduate work at Pacific Oaks College, Temple University and the Institute of Modern Psychoanalysis.

Bigar is a first generation American of Swiss descent on her paternal side. In addition, her mother has resided in Provence, France, for the past 30 years. Bigar’s older brother still resides in Switzerland, and many of her other relatives also reside in Europe. Bigar is fluent in French and often visits her cultural homeland. She is the proud mother of one son, one daughter, a dog, two cats and a parrot.