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Crock  was created in 1975 by Bill Rechin, Don Wilder and Brant Parker, and remains the greatest and longest-running parody of the Foreign Legion classic, "Beau Geste." The genius of the off-the-... Read more

Berserk Alert

Berserk Alert ® is a hilarious, weird, single panel Comic by Australian Cartoonist Tony Zuvela. Tony was born way back in the crazy, far out, groovy sixties; ’62. That’s him over to the left. H... Read more


Each day, Dustin  invites readers into the lives of the Kudlick family, who have welcomed the strip’s 23-year-old namesake back into the house after college for “just a little while.” Mind y... Read more


Marvin  features a precocious red-headed toddler who spends much of his time lost in his own thoughts and fantasy adventures. Like most young children - and too many adults - Marvin is convinced ... Read more


This daily newspaper comic strip, created by Patrick McDonnell in 1994, is centered on the day-to-day adventures of two companion animals: a dog named Earl and a cat named Mooch. Earl and Mooch intera... Read more

Mark Lynch

Mark Lynch, Australian cartoonist was born sometime during the last century. He was mistakenly thought to be a war baby as his parents began fighting soon after setting eyes on him. He developed an al... Read more

Prince Valiant

Exiled as a boy from his native land of Thule, Prince Valiant grew up in the vast fens of fifth century Britain before discovering his calling and destiny as a knight of King Arthur’s storied Rou... Read more


A popular weekly adult cartoon strip, Ratbags follows the mundane existance of two eccentric rascals who somehow just don't blend in with normal society.  RATBAGS IS NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN Rat... Read more


Trevor is a student of around 18 years of age, and he and his relatives, friends, co-workers and others form the basis of this strip. Trevor suffers from the daily challenges that we all go through; a... Read more


Tim Whyatt lives on a remote island thousands of miles from Europe, called Australia.  Every morning as he rides his kangaroo to work, hundreds of hilarious cartoon ideas appear in his head. Unfo... Read more


Tundra  is an outdoors & nature-themed strip that has been rapidly gaining in popularity and is often called ‘the next Far Side’  by other editors.  In our first four... Read more

Barney Google & Snuffy Smith

Barney Google and Snuffy Smith  is one of the longest-running comic strips in history. Created by Billy DeBeck in 1919, it first appeared in the sports section of the Chicago Herald and Examiner ... Read more

Between Friends

Between Friends  zeroes in on the delicious little nitty-gritty details of the lives of three fifty-something women friends.  Office politics, motherhood, romance and the pros and cons of Bo... Read more

Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee

John Hambrock’s award-nominated comic strip The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee  offers a contemporary view of family life from the perspective of a precocious young boy, his middle-class paren... Read more

Bushy Tales

BUSHY TALES is a brand new comic strip...yet it had its beginnings many years ago. Almost twenty years ago our cartoonist, Ian Jones (more of him later) did a few sketches of a wombat that he liked... Read more


Buckles  is a comic strip about a wide-eyed house dog exploring his way through the everyday routines of life. With the guidance from his owners Paul and Jill, Buckles discovers unique adventures... Read more

Bringing Up Father

Brining Up Father is not so easy, especially when the father in question is as stubborn as Jiggs.  No wonder his wife Maggie sometimes resorts to violence to get her husband to walk down the path... Read more


What would the contemporary home be like without the dog? Could it honestly be considered a home at all? Brighten up your publication with a series of strip cartoons and single gags featuring man's be... Read more

Drole De Zoo

Drole de Zoo is an animal strip where the animals actually don’t imitate people and human behaviour but acts as animals really do.  However, there is one exception – an ox dressed as a person. Th... Read more

Mandrake the Magician

A true classic and a standard among comic strips, Mandrake the Magician  has been mystifying readers since 1934! Mandrake the Magician  was created by Lee Falk during the Great Depressi... Read more