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Heart of Juliet Jones

The Heart of Juliet Jones is a small-town soap opera drama, a story meant for romance hungry feamale audience with newfound economic clout, saturated all forms of entertainment. Much of the dramatic t... Read more


Em is an autobiographical cartoon strip created by Maria Smedstad. It depicts the life of a young cartoonist and her friends and their daily trials and triumphs.  Read more

Mary Worth

First appearing in 1938, Mary Worth  is one of the longest-running continuity strips or "comic-page soap operas" — a genre dedicated to the millions of readers who thrive on continued storie... Read more

Modesty Blaise

As a comic strip, Modesty Blaise is some 35 years old. At the beginning of her career the character was 26 and now she is approximately 28.(!)  Age is of minor relevance when you are a comic hero... Read more


She came from a sub-culture and started her career in the country’s largest humour magazine, continued to daily newspapers throughout Europe and currently has her own magazine and is published by pub... Read more

Betty Boop

From her first appearance in 1930, Betty Boop won the hearts of fans around the world with her unique blend of wide-eyed innocence and powerful cartoon sensuality. Today, animation’s first leading lad... Read more