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Digital Products

Bulls Press puzzles and games for digital publishing are proving to be extremely popular, and will get many visitors returning to your website or app – visitors who will spend longer periods of time a... Read more


When playing ReMind you have to have a good picture memory. In ReMind you need to remember where two or three images are placed. ReMind is easily adapted for use. Logo or pattern on the back of the c... Read more


Sudoku was invented in the USA, was named in Japan (single digit) and gained its great popularity in Great Britain. Today, Sudoku puzzles and engages millions of people all over the world. The inter... Read more

Sudoku Comic

Ever since the breakthrough in the 1990's has Sudoku been a market leader in logic puzzles. Now Bulls Press offers Sudoku  also with comics in HTML5 format. Bulls Press Sudoku is available in th... Read more

Word Search

Mixed in all the characters you can find the words from the list beside. Find the listed words in Word Search. They may occur vertically, horizontally, backwards or diagonally.  Test Word Search! Read more

Covert View

The Covert Views aims to as quickly as possible to guess whats in the picture. When you think you know what the picture is, stop time and get up suggestions on what it could be. A fun and educationa... Read more

Find the Differences

Hardly anyone can resist the temptation to find the missing parts in the illustration. This is true regardless of the medium - print, online, digital, . The clock is ticking: In our interactive Find ... Read more