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Hälge is Sweden’s most popular moose. Hundreds of thousands follow him daily in more than 30 Swedish newspapers, his own comic book and albums.  The strip is also published in Finland and Estonia... Read more


Em is an autobiographical cartoon strip created by Maria Smedstad. It depicts the life of a young cartoonist and her friends and their daily trials and triumphs.  Read more


Snap-O-Mania is a collection of quirky original photos with texts in a unique style, created by Hans Blom. Hazardous humour that makes it impossible not to laugh.  Hans Blom’s humour varies f... Read more

Marvin Meathead

The Marvin Meathead comic takes place in an early version of our world. You could call it a beta-version of the Creation. The world is ending - over and over again. Luckily the Creator has made regula... Read more

Carpe Diem

This is a comic-strip in the spirit of Gary Larson, but with a very Swedish touch. Carpe Diem jokes just about everything: from Osama Bin Laden to polar bears and tweeting zebras. With no central ch... Read more

Viivi & Wagner

Viivi & Wagner is an unpretentious and you can easily associate with the storyline. Viivi is a quite an ordinary girl with short, frizzy hair. She is a modern, independent girl who lives with a PI... Read more


This is a comic-strip that's all about life. About how to deal with everyday living when you have gone into retirement. But it's also about the relationship that develops during a long marriage, as ... Read more


She came from a sub-culture and started her career in the country’s largest humour magazine, continued to daily newspapers throughout Europe and currently has her own magazine and is published by pub... Read more

B. Virtanen

B.Virtanen is one of Finland's best-loved cartoon characters, a popularity established with help from publication in the country's newspapers (more than 50 to date) and a number of albu... Read more

Chez Cuckoo

Chez Cuckoo (Norwegian title: «Kollektivet») is one of Norway’s most popular comics, and started in January 2000 as a guest strip in the Norwegian Gary Larson’s «Far Side Gallery» comic magazine. Che... Read more


The Moomins are the central figures in Tove Jansson’s books about the Moomin family, published between 1945 and 1970. They were originally written in Swedish and published in Finland by Schildts; th... Read more