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Kryss & Quiz

Since 2009, our editorial staff have been preparing all the crosswords and quizzes for one of Sweden’s largest circulation daily newspapers, Aftonbladet. Our flagship product is the magazine “Kryss... Read more

Barney Google & Snuffy Smith

Barney Google and Snuffy Smith  is one of the longest-running comic strips in history. Created by Billy DeBeck in 1919, it first appeared in the sports section of the Chicago Herald and Examiner ... Read more

Between Friends

Between Friends  zeroes in on the delicious little nitty-gritty details of the lives of three fifty-something women friends.  Office politics, motherhood, romance and the pros and cons of Bo... Read more

Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee

John Hambrock’s award-nominated comic strip The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee  offers a contemporary view of family life from the perspective of a precocious young boy, his middle-class paren... Read more

Bushy Tales

BUSHY TALES is a brand new comic strip...yet it had its beginnings many years ago. Almost twenty years ago our cartoonist, Ian Jones (more of him later) did a few sketches of a wombat that he liked... Read more


Buckles  is a comic strip about a wide-eyed house dog exploring his way through the everyday routines of life. With the guidance from his owners Paul and Jill, Buckles discovers unique adventures... Read more

Bringing Up Father

Brining Up Father is not so easy, especially when the father in question is as stubborn as Jiggs.  No wonder his wife Maggie sometimes resorts to violence to get her husband to walk down the path... Read more


What would the contemporary home be like without the dog? Could it honestly be considered a home at all? Brighten up your publication with a series of strip cartoons and single gags featuring man's be... Read more

Drole De Zoo

Drole de Zoo is an animal strip where the animals actually don’t imitate people and human behaviour but acts as animals really do.  However, there is one exception – an ox dressed as a person. Th... Read more

Mandrake the Magician

A true classic and a standard among comic strips, Mandrake the Magician  has been mystifying readers since 1934! Mandrake the Magician  was created by Lee Falk during the Great Depressi... Read more

Insanity Streak

Cartoonist Tony Lopes works with one simple motto in mind: "Above all else make them laugh". And that is certainly the case with his hugely popular comic strip Insanity Streak, which he created in 199... Read more

Hi & Lois

Hi and Lois  was created in 1954 by Mort Walker and Dik Browne, two of the most successful cartoonists in comic history.  Provoking a strong emotional response from readers right from the be... Read more

Flash Gordon

Few comic strips have captured readers' imaginations like Flash Gordon . Originated in 1934 by legendary comic-strip artist Alex Raymond, Flash Gordon  has set the standard for science-... Read more

Fred Bassett

Fred Basset is, as the name suggests, a basset dog.  He lives in the suburbs of a major English city.  But he is not just any dog.  He is a thinking dog, sarcastic and criticising. From... Read more

Pardon My Planet

Pardon My Planet  is a visual record of the nincompoopities of the human spirit. This imaginatively sly panel peeks under the veil of the taboo and paints a smiley face on the shroud. Deftly bala... Read more

Mother Goose & Grimm

Once upon a time, long ago (1984) and far away (sunny Florida), an award-winning editorial cartoonist (Mike Peters) created a hilariously funny comic strip (Mother Goose and Grimm ) that features a ro... Read more


Nethead is half man, half nerd, computer genius and surf addict lost in cyberspace.  His whole life consists of a computer, Diet Coke and pizza.  Naturally, a comic strip on computers and th... Read more

Sherman's Lagoon

Sherman’s Lagoon  is an imaginary lagoon somewhere in the tropics, inhabited by a cast of sea creatures whose lives are curiously similar to our own. Through his comic strip, cartoonist Jim Toome... Read more

Rhymes With Orange

Like the color its named after, Rhymes With Orange  by cartoonist Hilary Price is a vibrant, energetic, smart strip that approaches the universal truths about everyday subjects, like relatio... Read more

Six Chics

Six Chix  is a unique daily comic strip. It is created by six women cartoonists who each draw a day of the week and then rotate the Sunday strips. Isabella Bannerman draws Mondays; Margaret Shulo... Read more