Trevor is a student of around 18 years of age, and he and his relatives, friends, co-workers and others form the basis of this strip.

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Trevor suffers from the daily challenges that we all go through; an ATM that won’t give you your money, lecturers from hell, 3am cramming for tests, cold pizza and lunatic friends. He is subject to all the social dilemmas, temptations and conflicting choices which make up the pattern of modern society. The strip is basically about the inter-relationships between various characters in different situations.

The characters in the strip appeal to a wide range of readers, and fit into almost any social, domestic, business or other circumstances. This gives the strip as a whole considerable depth, as well as great flexibility.

The cartoonist Gerard Piper began his career as a press artist for Brisbane’s Sunday Sun / Daily Sun newspapers in 1983 before leaving in 1990 to join the staff at Disney TV Australia, in Sydney. There, he worked on various TV productions such as ‘Darkwing Duck’ and ‘Winnie the Pooh’. He then began work on the feature film ‘BLINKY BILL’ with the Yoram Gross Film Company and then subsequently worked on the television series of the same name for the ABC, Australia.

In 1996 he successfully launched his creation Trevor in newspapers across Australia. The Trevor cartoon can now be seen in Hong Kong, Italy, England and North America.

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