Snap-O-Mania is a collection of quirky original photos with texts in a unique style, created by Hans Blom.

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Hazardous humour that makes it impossible not to laugh.  Hans Blom’s humour varies from clear comedy with a visual play on words to darker, more worrying symbolism.  You also find a few dirty jokes and everyday humour with sympathetic pictures and texts where everyone recognises themselves or others around them.

Out of nothing Hans Blom sows a seed with his texts and pictures.  A nondescript little seed, hiding something much larger.  What that seed grows into and what thoughts occur is partly up to the soil of the reader.

Reading Snap-O-Mania is similar to venturing out on a journey in everyday life.  A varied journey that invites laughter, recognition and reflection.

Snap-O-Mania, Syndication, Edgy, Humour, Nordic Comics