Single Mum

Many talk of the crisis that children face during puberty. Very little is said about the crisis that parents face during this same period. Up until this time, parents have been their child’s friend and pillar of support; now they have to become respectful representatives of society, enforcers of law-and-order and all kinds of other boring things as their children want to put everything to the test. 

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It doesn’t matter what type of parent you are, whether you’re a rebel, a tyrant or a mollycoddler, the chances are that you will be put through your paces during your child’s transition period – and that just like your teenager you will suffer a complete identity crisis.

This is the main theme of Single Mum. But the cartoon is also about our single mum’s struggle to maintain her love life with fiancé Lasse, her constant fight to keep the hard times at bay, to make ends meet and, last but not least, about her relationship with her ageing father.

The strip encompasses all these topics in a way that enables most parents and children to recognise themselves and laugh themselves half to death. 

Read “Single Mum” and meet Mum, teenagers Mia and Beppe, fiancé Lasse and Granddad in a cartoon that is seriously hilarious!

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