Modesty Blaise

As a comic strip, Modesty Blaise is some 35 years old. At the beginning of her career the character was 26 and now she is approximately 28.(!)  Age is of minor relevance when you are a comic heroine.

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Over the years, a number of other comic heroines have appeared but none of them, neither Barb Wire nor others, are worth a breath in comparison to the unshakable Modesty Blaise!  By her side is Willie Garvin.  Their relationship is platonic but they complete each other in a superb way.

Modesty Blaise is a feministic role model.  The creator, Peter O’Donnell once declared that one of his most important goals when he created Modesty Blaise was “to create a heroine capable of doing things traditionally reserved for men.”  So far, hundreds of strips have been published in papers, comic books, comic albums and now on the Internet.

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