Mark Lynch

Mark Lynch, Australian cartoonist was born sometime during the last century. He was mistakenly thought to be a war baby as his parents began fighting soon after setting eyes on him.

He developed an allergy towards real work and became a cartoonist, where he was able to hide behind his pen (and a series of aliases and avitars) and poke fun at those less fortunate than him. This disguise enabled him to take the mickey out of politicians of all persuasions during his time as Editorial cartoonist for ’The Australian ’Newspaper.

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He is recipient of over 42 International and Australian cartooning awards including, National cartoon of the year, (twice) Stanley award for the best single gag artist of the year as well as his comic, ‘Clancy’ winning best comic strip 4 times.

It has been widely suggested that the above results were achieved by Lynch sleeping with various members of the judging panels and their pets.

Now living in Sydney, Australia, Mark Lynch lives in a virtual reality world with apps such as a mortgage and school fees.

Mark Lynch, Edgy, Humour, Comics