Insanity Streak

Cartoonist Tony Lopes works with one simple motto in mind: "Above all else make them laugh". And that is certainly the case with his hugely popular comic strip Insanity Streak, which he created in 1995.

Through this single-panel, floating theme cartoon, Lopes applies his keen wit to the small moments of everyday life, finding humour in the quirks of human nature. This 'universal' strip has no central characters, and no regular subject matter or setting, imposing few limitations on Lopes' comical style. “I enjoy the freedom of taking the readers anywhere," he says.

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Since 1995 Lopes has amassed an impressive list of awards and his work has been growing in popularity across the world.

He has twice won Best Comic Strip and once Best Single gag artist with Insanity Streak at the Australian Cartoonists Association Stanley Awards, voted by industry peers. Insanity Streak is the only cartoon to win Stanley awards in both the comic strip and single gag categories.

Insanity Streak has also twice been judged Best Comic Strip at the Rotary International Cartoon Awards, which are presented in Coffs Harbour, Australia. Currently, Insanity Streak is published in more than 50 Australian newspapers, including leading publications such as The Daily Telegraph, Sunday Telegraph, Canberra Times and Sunday Mail. Internationally, his work appears in the UK's Daily Mail and is widely syndicated all over the world.

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