Marvin Meathead

The Marvin Meathead comic takes place in an early version of our world. You could call it a beta-version of the Creation. The world is ending - over and over again. Luckily the Creator has made regular back-ups on his laptop and anything can happen.

There is not an anachronism that is too… anachronistic. One episode could involve trolls, dragons and demons and the next one in a dark future where intergalactic codfish invades the Earth and enslave the entire humanity.
But this is not the central point of the comic - the three main characters are, with their conflicts, adventures and ideas. 

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Marvin Meathead

is fat, sadistic, greedy, lazy and self-important… well, he possesses all the bad qualities you can possibly find in a thinking human being. Always wearing his helmet and carrying a weapon, he is unstoppable in plotting against his two buddies - Gammelman and Lilleman.


is often the target for Marvin´s evil plans - he is a kind, naive, nature-loving soul who wants to be everybody’s friend. But don’t be deceived by his sweet appearance, he is able to give as good as he gets and drives Marvininsane.


with his glasses and beard, grumpy and blasé, is quite happy to simply sit back and watch Herman and Lilleman beating the living daylights out of each other. He often does this from his laboratory, where he invents various dooms-day machines and more or less necessary gadgets to reform the world.

Jonas Darnell 

created Marvin Meathead in 1988. From the start it was published as a filler-comic in the Swedish comic magazine The Phantom. In 1998 Mar vin Meathead got his very own comic-magazine with 8 issues per year. Today it is one of the most popular and read comics in Sweden. 
Marvin Meathead is available as Sunday comic and as longer stories, each app. 10 pages long.

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