Hälge is Sweden’s most popular moose. Hundreds of thousands follow him daily in more than 30 Swedish newspapers, his own comic book and albums.  The strip is also published in Finland and Estonia.

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In the village Passed Away autumn is constant and so is the hunting season.  In the forest we find Hälge, constantly hunted by Edwin.  Hälge has to resort to all kinds of tricks to survive.  In his own philosophical way he always makes it, and always with the help of heart warming humour.

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Hälge – now as both whisky and box wine

First there was his own red wine. Then white. Now, the cartoon character Hälge gets his own Scotch: Hälge Whisky "The Famous Moose"; plus his own bag-in-box, Hälge Côtes du Rhône. Cartoonist Lars Mortimer, together with Stockholm Winelab, are the creative souls behind this new venture. Hälge Whisky is a blended Scotch made from 80 percent grain whisky and 20 percent carefully selected malts .