Ghost Who Walks Will Never Die": The Phantom's First 400 Years.

Before Batman, before The Shadow, before The Green Hornet, before The Lone Ranger, the comics' first masked mystery-man hero had been striking fear into the dark hearts of the wicked.

By the time the world-famous adventures of The Phantom were first recorded in print more than six decades ago, the grim champion of justice had already been around for nearly 400 years.

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The legend began more than 400 years ago when the sole survivor of a pirate raid was washed up on a remote beach. Rescued by the natives of the Bangalla jungle, he swore to dedicate his life to the elimination of evil and vowed that his descendants would carry on the tradition. In time, a dynasty of Phantoms arose, reared and rigorously drilled in the disciplines and duties of

The Phantom legacy.

Comics’ first costumed hero, The Phantom, has no superhuman powers. He relies on his physical strength, skill with weapons and fearsome reputation to fight crime.

Rich with historical references, iconic characters, and the perpetual struggle between good and evil, The Phantom is presented as a modern-day myth that both informs and entertains its loyal readers.

Phantom has become extremely popular especially in the Nordic countries and Australia. He is published in over 500 newspapers worldwide, including about 100 in the Nordics.

The Phantom is looking to expand his consumer footprint in licensing. Available product categories include:

  • Boys’ and men’s apparel
  • Comic books and graphic novels
  • Gifts and collectibles
  • Promotions and advertising
  • Stationery and trading cards
  • Toys and games
  • Video and mobile games

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