Chez Cuckoo

Chez Cuckoo (Norwegian title: «Kollektivet») is one of Norway’s most popular comics, and started in January 2000 as a guest strip in the Norwegian Gary Larson’s «Far Side Gallery» comic magazine. Chez Cuckoo is a comic which the well-known Norwegian author Tor Åge Bringsværd once called «an anarchistic knot of rude humour, hippie-nostalgia, anti-racism and satire of society».


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Chez Cuckoo is about the lives of very different people managing to live together somehow.

It is a comic about feminism, alcohol, gender, religion, metal-music, everyday disasters and general screw-ups. And, as with many modern Scandinavian comics, the humour is edgy and sometimes over the edge. 

Since its beginning, Chez Cuckoo has been collected and published in 9 hardcover books and 28 soft cover albums. It has been published in several major Norwegian comic magazines over the years, and got its own monthly magazine in 2008. Chez Cuckoo comic strips are published daily in several Norwegian newspapers, including Norway’s biggest-selling newspaper «VG». Chez Cuckoo comes as comic strips, short episodes and longer stories.

Chez Cuckoo is created by Torbjørn Lien, born in 1968, who lives with his four children and girlfriend in the western part of Norway.

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