Carpe Diem

This is a comic-strip in the spirit of Gary Larson, but with a very Swedish touch. Carpe Diem jokes just about everything: from Osama Bin Laden to polar bears and tweeting zebras. With no central characters, the series is able to spin new ideas ad infinitum.

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Niklas Eriksson

Born 1973 in Umeå in northern Sweden, he grew up in Hörnefors, the same village as one of the country's football all-time greats, Gunnar Nordahl. Today, Niklas works full-time as a comic-strip artist, and, continuing the sporting theme, now lives and works in Röbäck, the same village as the gold-medallist skier Per Elofsson. Despite his legendary neighbours, it is to the sport of ice-hockey and his local team that his supporter allegiances lay. Other allegiances include his girlfriend, and his dog, a Vorsteh with an enormous nose that comes into its own when hunting grouse. Niklas enjoys winter sports including rink bandy, especially when played in the great windswept outdoors.

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