Brains Limited creators

Gurhan Besen

Gurhan Besen was born in Ankara (TURKEY). He has been interested in art and humor from an early age. He was into drawing and music first. He played mandolin and guitar. Gurhan moved to Finland in 1990 and has been living in Helsinki ever since. He has been involved in many different fields like writing songs, drawing tattoo flash art, writing comedy, writing fitness and self-improvement e- books. Gurhan met graphic artist Eric Leraillez in 1998. They have become good friends and worked on several projects together ever since.

Eric Leraillez

Eric Leraillez is a french graphic artist who has been living in Finland for 19 years. He is a versatile designer, his skills spanning all the way from complex image composites and manipulations through technical illustrations to comic strip style. His collaboration with Gurhan has lasted for many years and ”Brain Limited!” published in Finland under the name ”Putkiaivo Oy” has been one of the most appreciated work they have done together.