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Our experienced editors will help you find the right pictures , stories, or videos for any editorial or commercial needs. In our vast photo archive you can always find the best current celebrity images(länk), interviews and stories  from the international press; plus photos from the worlds of music, fashion, interior design, food, beauty and royalty, whether press or studio shots – and all from leading international and Nordic photographers.

Every day, Bulls Pictures sweeps international image markets to find the most powerful news photos, hardest-hitting stories, coolest street fashion, hottest celebrities, finest studio shot, hippest beauty, hair and fashion projects and the most hilarious incidents whether captured as photos or videos – through Bulls Pictures you get access to material from international prestige magazines. Our editorial service team is accessible and knowledgeable; we listen to your needs to quickly hunt down the exact material you need.

Bulls Pictures news och fashion

We represent photo agencies and photographers from around the world that will give you access to current paparazzi pictures and events, plus images from behind the scenes in Hollywood, from haute couture and street fashion catwalks, both backstage and on-stage, from New York, Paris, London and Milan.

Bulls Pictures studio

Our studio photos are carefully selected from the best shoots of current stars and It-Girls. Inspiring, creative photography that stands out and brightens our clients' magazines and newspapers. We can locate the most outstanding images on any specific theme you have in mind, often complete with text and interviews.

Bulls Pictures lifestyle och human touch

Subtle lifestyle pictures, genre images and snapshots with model release for both editorial and commercial use – whatever your need we have images to illustrate nearly every possible situation. Try searching in our archive: here you will find images of food with recipes, beauty, make-up and hairstyling, fashion and interior design, DIY, crafts and more. Can’t find what you are looking for? Don’t hesitate to ask us for help.

Bulls Videos

Our motion-based content, short videos and longer films, come from dozens of countries around the world, telling and retelling their amazing stories.

Bulls Pictures & Video

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