Tove 100 - celebrating Tove Jansson's art and life.

With her multi-faceted life's work Tove Jansson (1914-2001) has become one of the most important artists of the modernist golden age in post-war Finland.

Like many of her generation, Tove Jansson wanted to create art on her own terms. This she succeeded in doing and with a great deal of originality. As a painter, illustrator and author, Tove Jansson broadened and changed her expression tirelessly throughout her lifetime. Her work reflects a philosophy of life in which she was constantly encouraged by children and adults from around the world.

Tove Jansson's international success made her one of the most famous Finnish artists of all time. In 2014, Tove Jansson would have been 100 years old, which offers the perfect  opportunity for people to re-familiarise themselves with her life's work.

To celebrate this anniversary, a special website "Tove 100" has been set up. Here you can find Tove Jansson's life and art presented from a number of different angles. We hope that this beloved artist's work will help future artists attain new heights.

Moomin in summer campaign with Max Burgers

For two years in a row, Max Burgers has been using Moomin in their summer campaign with a Moomin-glass included in the children's menu.

Moomin, Licensing