Moomin launches a new global site - with the tagline “All Things Moomin”. The site aims to be the main destination for all Moomin fans and fans-to-be, and it seamlessly integrates content and commerce into one complete Moomin experience.

The Moomin books are enjoyed by both children and adults around the world. With the new site, Moomin Characters wishes to engage the global Moomin fanbase and offer a new digital perspective on the popular Moomin brand.

  - The new site will be the center of Moomin’s presence online. For people who both  want to buy beautiful things and enjoy the stories about Moomin, they now have one  place where they get it all. There is no need to leave said Roleff Kråkström, managing director at Moomin Characters.

The new Moomin site features the history of the Moomins, presentations of the various Moomin characters and an in-depth view of the original creator Tove Jansson. The new Moomin site is updated on a daily basis and it also features a blog with unique Moomin related content.

  - We wanted to create a world you'd really like to step into. Moomin is a very aesthetic  brand, it has depth in happiness and sorrow, it's about timeless stories which work for  generation after generation. We really wanted to create something that's true to the original  Moomin spirit. There's one and shopping is built in as a natural part of the  site, said Sami Keinänen, creative director at Motley Agency.

- Our licensing program has experienced tremendous growth, now with over 450 licensees so far. The Official Moomin site will be an important gathering place for our licensees, our fans and of course play along with our brand strategy, said Gustav Melin, International Licensing Director Bulls Licensing (worldwide agent).

The new Moomin site will also highlight the 100th anniversary of Tove Jansson during 2014.

To learn more about and All Things Commerce, please contact:

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