Moomin inhabits the historic window display of Fazer Café

The summer season is in full swing at Karl Fazers Café at Glogatan in Helsinki. The historic window display has been inhabited by the popular Moomin characters. The display which will be visible during the summer moths is a celebration of Tove Jansson, who was born in August 100 years ago. The collaboration between Jansson and Fazer commenced in 1937 and included product design and artwork used for advertising.

The summer season, which is beginning now, is lively at Karl Fazers Café at Glogatan in Helsinki. “’Our mission is to make every day taste a little bit better. The café-going trend is still strong – especially breakfast, brunch and light lunches are increasing in popularity.”, says Kristian Helanne, director of business for Fazer Café.

Karl Fazer Café is also known for their ice cream portions, the latest ice cream portion is Fazer Moomin which is decorated with sweet Moomin-confectionary.

The history of Fazer and Tove Jansson

The widow display at Karl Fazer Café has enchanted the citizens of Helsinki since the building opened in the 1930s. Nowadays the window is guarded by the Museum department and this summer the Moomin characters will inhabit the window for a celebration of the lengthy collaboration between Fazer and the beloved artist and author Tove Jansson, who would have turned a 100 years old this year.

The collaboration between Jansson and Fazer was first written about in 1937 when Jansson, according to her own notes, made “a decoration for Fazer in Munksnäs”. The decoration in question was for Fiskartorpet, a cottage that is still intact and was owned by Fazer in 1935-1952. It is said that Jansson lived there in the beginning of her career and paid the rent partly with her own art.  There are still paintings by Tove Jansson at Fiskartorpet and one room even has a tapestry painted by her.

Fazer is the main collaborator for the Tove Jansson jubilee exhibition at the art museum Ateneum. The exhibition shows Jansson’s varied career as an artist, and includes two adverts that she made for Fazer and a self-portrait she painted in Fiskartorpet. In the beginning of her career Jansson worked together with the artist Hjalmar Hagelstam, the son-in-law of Karl Fazer himself. Hagelstam and Jansson shared the loft atelier in Ulrikasborg, which later became known as Jansson’s artist residence. Hagelstam died during the war but had time to paint the mural in shades of red that is still on display in Karl Fazers Café. 

The Tove Jansson exhibition at Ateneum has been open for three months and will continue until the 7th of September 2014. “The exhibition has been a success ever since its launch. There have already been over 130.000 visitors. We have had a lot of feedback from the visitors and it has been completely positive: Tove’s works attracts visitors from all age groups. One of the most common reactions has been the surprise at how versatile and comprehensive her production was”, says marketing manager Jonna Hurskainen.

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