Go Digital With Bulls Licensing

Bulls Licensing launches a new platform-system for digital brand building.

Bulls Licensing launches a new platform-system for digital brand building.

Embracing the millennial consumers is crucial. Millennials require digital brand building and new tools. At BLE, Bulls Licensing pre-launches a digital tool-set for licensors and licensees. Bulls, known for innovative licensing, re-defines itself as The Digital Agent, becoming a provider of technology and digital marketing solutions alongside its agent services. 

For three years ago in partnership with the entertainment and e-learning software development company, KaSyX, Bulls has set up a development center in Germany and in October a new environment for tools for e-publishing, animation and marketing will be launched.

‘2016 has been extremely successful for our partners and us’ says Gustav Melin, heading the licensing operation of the international Bulls group. ‘Our role is to constantly grow the business and the brands of our licensors, actively producing arenas for exposure and sales. This year marks a quarter-century of double-digit growth for Bulls Licensing.’

‘We need to track the ever-changing global marketplace, constantly re-defining our services. With digital services, we reach out to new generations of fans and consumers for the brands we are entrusted with’ says Margareta Steinsvik, Executive VP and co-owner of the Bulls Group.

At BLE, Bulls Licensing pre-launches a digital licensor platform system. ‘Several licensors have asked us to create tools for total control of their digital content and business. Building on our successful HTML5 content, published in 250 US and 50 European websites, we are now taking the next step’ says Tord Steinsvik, President and co-owner of the Bulls Group. ’Together with Moomin Characters, we have developed a digital content platform. It includes features for creating Experiences-books, animated elements and gamifications as well as a powerful couponing system that match their successful e-commerce. Further co-operations are signed and in the pipe.’

In addition, Bulls Licensing offers retail and media partners a digital publishing system completed with Beacontech-based tools tomeet the demands of a straight trough processing sales channel directly to the POS. ‘Many licensees struggle with the transition to digital marketing. With our experience in traditional business and production, combined with digital knowledge, we help licensees reach new generations and long-term sales goals’ explains Dirk Handera, Managing Director at Bulls Pressedienst Frankfurt.

Bulls Licensing is exhibiting at BLE, D086.

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