Bulls Licensing announces prestige Beatles deal with Efva Attling jewelry

Bulls Licensing and Apple Corps Ltd are proud to announce the collaboration between The Beatles and Efva Attling jewelry.

Efva Attling releases a new collection of jewelry based on selected titles from The Beatles.The collection comes in silver and gold with sparkling stones from Herkimer, and have pieces both for men and women.

”Seeing Efva’s beautiful collection come together has been truly magical,”says Gustav Melin, Global Licensing Director at Bulls Licensing. “Efva’s timeless pieces perfectly captures the beauty of The Beatles”.

About her collection, Efva Attling says; ”In my teens I made a trip to London with my school class. One night I sneaked out to the club, Speakeasy. When George Harrison passed me in the club I said “Hej” in Swedish as if I knew him. I mean, my room back home was papered with his face. George was my Beatle. Today when I sit in my office and look at a photograph of Harrison that I recently bought, I get inspired by George standing on a balcony with a double rainbow behind him... While his guitar gently weeps… Last year at Stella McCartney’s Green Carpet collection show I had some words with Sir Paul McCartney. I said I was working on a jewelry collection based on The Beatles song titles. He answered: Nice! For me that was a big moment.”

The collection will be sold from 20th of November 2015 at Efva Attling Concept Stores and at selected retailers in Sweden, Norway, Finland, UK and the US.

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