Increase sales using our unique brands

Bulls Licensing has substantial experience in working with strong, well-known brands. A good example is the branding of Moomin, where we have created a licensing programme with over 400 licensees which has given us a unique and extensive network of contacts.

What is licensing?

Licensed products have been on the market for over 120 years, but have exploded in popularity during the last thirty years. Today, licensed products have an annual turnover of over $172 billion in retail sales.

Licensing is an agreement between Bulls and your company in which you are granted the licence to use a brand or a character for your products or services. The cost of using characters/brands are paid in royalties.

The benefits of licensing include the opportunity to reach new markets and retailers, boost sales and to extend your brand promise. In addition, licensing is considered a low risk investment.

We at Bulls are experts at finding ways and opportunities to develop your product or service by using our well-established brands. We manage the entire process of signing contracts, from start to finish –  with the agreement of the originator/licensor. Naturally, we have our own in-house legal team.

Through our worldwide network of sub-agents, we can help you reach new markets. Our marketing department is constantly working to find synergies between licensees to increase market visibility. At Bulls, we can support your marketing campaigns through social media, participation at fairs and via a continuous stream of information about your products and services to your target audience. We also offer design services. All activities are, of course, co-ordinated with your overall marketing strategies.

Examples of brands that choose to work with Bulls include:

Iittala, Finlayson, Suzuki, Junibacken, Triumfglass, KappAhl, Martinex, Artek, Unilever, H&M, Uniqlo, Kraft, Fazer, Rabén & Sjögren and many more.