Jubilee shop at NK raises Moomin’s profile in Sweden

The temporary Moomin store at NK ended its successful run on the last day of June 2014. The store, which opened in April 2014, got a large amount of attention in the media and was popular amongst NK customers from all over the world.

An assortment of special edition products was sold in the store, celebrating both Moomin’s creator Tove Jansson’s 100th anniversary and the collaboration between Moomin and NK. Almost all kinds of products with Moomin motifs were available in the store, ranging from books to textiles to toys. Some of the most popular products were the unique Japanese Moomin products imported specifically for the pop up-store.

The Moomin shop at NK in celebration of Tove 100 was a splendid success considering how much it raised awareness for the Moomin brand in Sweden.  The possibility of re-opening the store somewhere else in the fall is being considered.

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